Katie Young

Managing Director and Fashion Designer, Bespoke Textiles Ltd

“The Radical Moves retreat has been really powerful. During this past 2.5 days I’ve experienced so much freedom and friendship – it’s been wonderful to lift the lid and grow. I’ve realized I do a huge amount of hard work that I don’t need to. (It was a real shock to realize this!) I’ve gained so many resources here from the things Kate and Chris have shared. I can’t wait to get home and put into practice what I’ve learnt – in my business and my life.”

Claire Dore

District Manager, Global Health and Wellness Consultant

“I’ve loved every single part. It’s been incredible. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. It’s been transformational – and exceptionally practical too. I know now what I need to work on to move my business forward which is very exciting. What I have discovered has been so powerful, I can’t wait to put it into practice. Thank you so much Chris and Kate.”

Serena Humphrey

Managing Director, F Word Training

“The Radical Moves retreat has given me a whole new level of understanding of the value I offer through my business and the services I provide. The things I came here with – the things I thought I ‘needed’ to do in my business (and the things that were stressing me out!), I’ve realized now are actually irrelevant, because I have gained such clarity about my focus and who I want to be working with. I’ve completely leapfrogged over what I thought I had to do, into what I know the future can be.

3 weeks ago, I didn’t know I wanted to make a Radical Move – and I honestly never thought I’d come so far in the space of just 3 days. Chris and Kate are masters of facilitation. If you are thinking about attending this retreat, I have just 2 words for you: Do it!”

Rachel Jewell

Women’s Empowerment Coach and Facilitator

“It’s been amazing. Absolutely jam-packed. With material, and facilitation – the whole experience. It has blown me away. The main things I’m taking away are around valuing myself, and although I’ve said that before, and known that before, there was something deeper this time around that. Something’s really shifted.”

Suzanne Williams

CEO, Chameleon Events

“My initial reaction when I heard about the Radical Moves retreat was “I haven’t got time to come.” Sometimes I go into these things with a sort of sarcastic view that’s it’s all going to be “amazing” but we’re just going to sit and navel gaze and nothing new will come out of it. This is different. Now I have clarity on what my message is. And clarity on how I can take action: It’s not just that I know I need to pick up the phone, but I know what’s going to make me do that – the thing that is actually going to make the difference.

From a personal point of view I’m beginning to get an understanding that there could be a different way of doing business, and that actually I don’t need to use all my energy in life trying to be the person everyone else wants me to be. I can now see that energy could be used in a much more practical way – not trying to be all things to all people. The result of that is that it’s given me a great excitement back for my business. Something that’s been missing for some time.”

Ali Soleil

Success Coach and Mentor

“What I’ve gained is dropping the story – the story of who I think I’ve been – to get back to who actually I am. I feel in such a different place to 2 days ago. I had a great sleep last night. The best sleep I’ve had in ages. Probably because I feel safe, and I feel that my future’s safe. The Radical Moves retreat has really given me the belief and confidence I am on the right track – I can do it.”

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