Kate Kenney

Kate Kenney helps business owners tap in to their best, most creative work, by structuring their business and life in a way that creates so much abundant space their ideas can’t help but sprout and grow.

She works with her clients to make more money while working less and staying true to their real dreams. Kate believes it is easy to follow the crowd, but more impactful to find your own unique ‘branch on the tree’. She also knows that all powerful business owners need space to think. And in that space they find ideas that just may change the world.

Chris Kenney

Chris Kenney supports business owners in making radical moves in their business and their life to create rapid changes in finances, freedom, and enjoyment of life. As someone who experienced being set apart for being ‘different’ most of his life, Chris originally worked very hard to fit in. Until he realized there was no real freedom in fitting in, and made a radical move of his own.

Today his clients achieve rapid success by expanding their comfort zones, and stepping out in ways that get them noticed. He can instantly see the value in his clients that they have been afraid to recognize, and before long they see and feel it to. Nothing ever really gets done without first getting radical.

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